I am extremely excited about the Horizons Programme.  The opportunity for regularly connecting students with community resources has wonderful potential for developing  21st Century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity while improving student achievement across subjects.

Joann Dill, Principal, Port Royal.

 BEN’s Theory of Change, and focus on Language and Reading Challenges, Social Emotional Learning, Parent Engagement and Teacher Professional Development are closely aligned with many of the strategies included in Bermuda’s Strategic Plan 2022 and with international best practices.  I will give my full support to the Bermuda Education Network and the Horizons Programme. 

Kalmar Richards, Commissioner of Education

The Kaleidoscope expedition was particularly beneficial to our boys. In class they have a challenge with set tasks and I have to manage behaviours constantly. During the KAF expedition the boys were totally engrossed and able to independently complete their creations!

Classroom teacher

The experiential and hands-on piece of the programme is perfect for one of our students who is a struggling reader. Keeping him engaged and on task can be a challenge. The BEN expeditions have built his confidence and he shows eagerness during expeditions when assigned small group tasks and hands on activities.

Classroom teacher 

It would be remiss of me if I allowed another day to pass without sharing my personal appreciation for the most recent field trip to St. Georges of the P5s. I can honestly say that your adaptations along with the characters came to life, and presentation was exquisite to say the least. The class I presently have went on several field trips last year, but they came back to school raving that this was the best field trip they have ever been on.

Rupert Holdipp