BEN Book Club is designed for Preschoolers & P1 students who are keen to ignite their curiosity for learning, while enhancing their knowledge of world cultures and further developing their love for reading.    

Through monthly meetups, interactive performances, discussions, positive associations, and teaching strategy for at-home literacy practice, the BEN Book Club gives opportunities for caregivers of preschool children to engage in developing their child’s language, world knowledge, and love of reading and diversity – preparing them for P1 and beyond.

BEN Book Club Members receive a FREE Book at our Monthly Book Club Meetings

September 18th, 2022Pancakes to Parathas: Breakfast around the World
Alice B. McGinty
October 16th, 2022Duck! Rabbit!
Amy Krouse Rosenthal
November 20th, 2022Zin! Zin! A Violin
Lloyd Moss
December 11th, 2022Giraffes Can’t Dance
Giles Andreae
January 15th, 2023Dig, Dig, Digging
Margaret Mayo

Strategy Guide
February 19th, 2023We’re Going On A Bear Hunt
Michael Rosen

Strategy Guide
March 19th, 2023Handa’s Hen
Eileen Brown
April 16th, 2023Cora Cooks Pancit
Dorina K. Lazo Gilmore
May 21st, 2023Sometimes I Feel Like A Fox
Danielle Daniel
June 18th, 2023Commotion in the Ocean
Giles Andreae
July 16th, 2023Cricket Is My Game
Jason Cole
I Promise
LeBron James