Giving Time, Tech, and Books to Support Teachers and Students Throughout the Pandemic

The pandemic continues to create severe challenges, especially for public primary schools. The restrictions that schools are operating under curtailed the rich field trip experiences that BEN ordinarily offers to primary students. Still, throughout the year, BEN worked with different stakeholders within the schools, including principals, teachers and students to get on track to reaching our goals of more students and parents participating in literacy events, more teachers receiving professional development support and more students achieving reading proficiency by P3 through activities provided by BEN.

Our Response At-a-Glance

300 Books Distributed
250 Laptops Donated
6 Capital Awards for Teacher Innovation Projects
$7000 Donated for School Shoes and Camp Tuition

Our Safety Protocols

As we begin to return to in-person field trips and experiential learning experiences, we understand that in the current Covid landscape there are lots of concerns over supporting their learning safely through the school year. The Bermuda Education Network has worked diligently to create an engaging learning environmental that promotes social well-being, incorporate hygiene routines and encourage physical distancing within the call “bubble”.

BEN Staff will follow the Bermuda Ministry of Health and CDC guidelines for School groups and care providers including the following safety protocols:

  • Spaced check-in and temperature screening (when applicable).
  • Reduced numbers of students per classroom space and expedition.
  • Children will be providing an individual kit of tools and materials for use and any shared items will be properly disinfected between each use.
  • Face coverings to minimize spread.
  • Use of outdoor areas with physical distancing.
  • Proper and frequent hand washing to reduce potential exposure.