We are offering a FREE 3-week Summer Learning Programme for public school students in July.

Morning lessons will provide literacy extension by teaching science and environment topics along with stories from other countries. Further enrichment activities will be provided by Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation.

The afternoon schedule includes two hours of games and story time (1-3pm). During this time students will receive 40 minutes of one-on-one tutoring. The main goal is to use three weeks of intensive intervention to help students master foundational reading skills therefore personal electronics are not allowed at the camp.

The camp will run for three weeks and will be located at the brand new Innovation Centre at Bermuda High School.

Two further groups will also be hosted by the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute at their summer camp.


The Bermuda Education Network (BEN) is building a professional learning community working together to increase the services and opportunities available to public school students.

One of our key areas of focus is reducing the numbers of students struggling to learn how to read at primary level.

Students who do not read proficiently by P4 stuggle to “read to learn” thereafter and are four times less likely to graduate high school. The summer vacation presents an opportunity to provide intensive intervention through lessons which reinforce language concepts and one-on-one tuition with reading experts. BEN’s Summer Learning Programme provides accelerated learning for students who have finished P3 but have not yet achieved reading proficiency.

The enrollment process begins with P3 classroom teachers referring students to us and providing their Fountas & Pinnell reading benchmarks.

New! We have added a Parents information session to the programme this year which will provide Parents and caregivers with information about how to support their child’s reading during the summer and the coming P4 year.


The Fundations Programme is used to identify key skills needed for success for the upcoming school year. The programme targets key decoding, transcription, and fluency skills.

“Ready to Rise” utilises a 90-minute lesson format divided into three 30-minute components: Word Study, Transcription, and Application & Fluency Skills. The Word Study component targets phonemic awareness, the alphabetic principle, sound and word accuracy/automaticity, and high frequency word recognition. The Transcription Skills component addresses letter formation/automaticity, spelling, and sentence dictation/punctuation. Lastly, the Application & Fluency Skills component focuses on the application of decoding and encoding skills and provides fluency instruction with connected text.