Available to P4 and P5 classes only

Horizons offers P4 and P5 teachers a unique professional development opportunity while also helping you to enhance the learning experience of your students. 

This FREE programme is provided by BEN in partnership with science and social studies experts and commences with a PD workshop for teachers in August and expeditions with your class October through April.

The curriculum consists of 10 carefully curated expeditions which you attend with your class at different locations around the island. 

Each expedition is linked to either the social studies or science curriculum.  Lesson plans are provided in advance with commentary about the experiential learning techniques that will be incorporated during the lesson.   You will co-teach the lessons and after each expedition will submit a reflection to record your thinking about your own teaching and anything you noticed about your students’ learning during the expedition.  BEN’s team and our partner educators at the expedition locations will be on hand to offer support and assist with classroom management while you have a chance to focus on your practice.  

The training workshop in August is mandatory as it will provide detailed training and information about what to expect during the year. The expedition schedule and instructions for assessing the students’ learning will be discussed and there will be opportunities for reflection and dialogue with colleagues about your professional development goals.

Summary of reasons to apply for this programme:

  • Deepen your content knowledge in science and social studies
  • Expand your knowledge of experiential learning pedagogy
  • Engage in professional dialogue with other P5 educators and develop your confidence in co-teaching
  • Develop your curriculum development skills and add to your repertoire of field trips
  • Learn new skills in evaluation and assessment
  • Take advantage of free transport which is provided by BEN
  • Find out about opportunities to work with BEN during the summer and to obtain summer camp scholarships for your students