Available to P2, P3, P4 and P5 classes

Starting each October Horizons offers a range of opportunities and resources for teachers and their classes for P2-P5

This program is provided by BEN in partnership with BUEI, Bermuda National Trust, Agra Living, Carter House, St George’s Historical Society, Masterworks, BZS and Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation.

Learn more about our approach to Thematic Learning here

P2 Unit 1 Caring for the Environment

Throughout October BZS are offering a live virtual lesson for P2 classes about the threats to Bermuda’s environment and how to make a difference.

Email preschool@bzs.bm to register your class

Home Activities Video – Also see Newspaper Pot Activity
Virtual Garden Tour

P3 Unit 1 Factors Affecting Plant Growth

Encourage students and their families to visit the Farm Garden at the Botanical Gardens

Parents can download and print activity sheet HERE:

P4 Unit 1 Habitats & Caring for the Environment

Starting in November BUEI are offering live virtual lessons for P4 classes about man’s effect on habitats and the environment.

Free copies of the book “A planet full of plastic” will be available for your students. Email education@buei.bm to register your class.

P5 Unit 1 Pollination

Through November BZS are offering live virtual lessons for P5 classes about parts of plants and pollination

Email edofficer@bzs.bm to register your class – SPACES ARE LIMITED – REGISTER NOW!