Our financial partners believe that every child deserves an education that will allow them to reach their potential and lead a full life. They recognize that if we work together, we can be the catalyst for dramatic systemic change in Bermuda’s public schools. Our partners are individuals, social businesses, corporations, and community organizations who provide the financial and human capital that allows us to support our public school teachers and students.

Your Donation Means Everything

Addressing education equity is not simple, and we don’t expect to tackle it alone. Our financial partners make it possible for us to work with experts to build experiential learning opportunities that focus on reducing the number of children struggling to learn how to read at the primary level.

How Your Money Changes Lives

Thanks to your donations, BEN is able to build a professional learning community that increases the services and opportunities available to public school students. Together, we are able to change the way Bermuda tackles education inequity in a way that no one else does — by supporting teacher development, resources and services available to primary school students. Read more about what we do –>

$150 allows a preschool family to participate for a year of BEN Book Club, our early reader initiative that builds up at-home libraries and expands vocabulary. Read more –>

$500 allows a public school primary student to participate in our Horizons Programme, our initiative that focuses on experiential learning through excursions with our organizational partners.

$2,000 allows a public school student to enroll in our Summer Learning Programme, a 3-week summer camp that provides accelerated learning for students who have finished P3 but have not yet achieved reading proficiency. Read more –>

What It Means to Be a Financial Partner

Giving to BEN is about more than just giving money. Our financial partners play an integral part in the organization, and we value the expertise and perspective they bring to the table. We share detailed reporting on leadership, projects and give them the opportunity to be on the ground in the work that we do. See reports and publications –>

  1. Quarterly partner-only communications
  2. Partner-only events hosted throughout the year
  3. Exclusive invitation to our annual Outstanding Teacher Award gala
  4. Opportunities for partners to provide expertise
  5. Volunteer opportunities

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