2023 Outstanding Teacher Awards Finalists

Is one of your colleagues or child’s teacher an outstanding educator in the public school system that deserves to be nominated for our annual awards?

Any person in Bermuda may submit one nomination which are considered by a nominating committee consisting of experienced educators from elementary and senior schools.

Nominees must be currently employed in the BPSS and must have worked in the public education system for three years.

Finalists are chosen by the committee based on recommendations received addressing the criteria below.

We recommend you write around 250 words ensuring you address the key points shown below.

To maximize your nominee’s chances of success. we recommend you address the points below when writing your entry.

  • Learning environment: The ways in which your nominee creates a learning environment which inspires a love of learning and fosters a child’s enthusiasm to strive to achieve their full potential both educationally and holistically – developing a range of skills and qualities to help them be ambitious and optimistic about life.
  • Teaching and learning: The skills and characteristics that make this teacher an exceptional classroom practitioner, who uses excellent pedagogy and inspires and motivates every child they teach so they make impressive progress and achieve well.
  • Assessment: Monitoring and assessment methods used to evaluate the experience and progress of each pupil allowing approaches to be adjusted to take account of the needs of individual pupils and the class as a whole; ensuring continuing assessment has a significant and positive impact on a pupil’s outcome and self-esteem.
  • Impact beyond the classroom: The ways in which your nominee ensures children in their class are learning to be good citizens and can show how their actions make a difference. On a wider level how your nominee enriches the life of the school community. Why do teachers, staff in school and parents think they are a wonderful teacher?

Finalists must agree to be observed in their classroom when three members of the BEN team will assess the effectiveness of their lessons and their classroom environment.  The following ingredients in addition to the “wow factor” should also be present:

  • The lesson is well planned with clear learning objectives.
  • The classroom is well organized and there is evidence of good/systematic organization of time, space and materials.
  • The lesson is engaging and the teacher is energetic and passionate about the topic.
  • The teacher uses a variety of teaching strategies and take advantage of unplanned teaching moments.
  • The teacher demonstrates a positive and caring attitude and differentiates for varying abilities.
  • The teacher builds relational trust with their students and effectively handles any behavioral challenges.

The winner of the award takes part in interviews and plays a role in representing and advocating for the profession, helping BEN to engage and inspire other teachers and community stakeholders.