We are partnering with BNT & St. George’s Historical Society for exciting learning about the “Gunpowder Plot.” Students will go back in time to be a part of the conspiracy to steal the gunpowder. They will uncover the reasons behind the theft, notable personalities during this time and the relationship Bermuda developed with the USA.

Curriculum Connection:
5.SS.H5a  Evaluate the extent global events have affected Bermuda in the past and impacted the present, (i.e. determine the extent to which early wars between United States of America and Britain [or involving Britain] impacted Bermuda – with lasting effects)
5.SS.C2b Evaluate the importance of Bermuda’s historical personalities’ deeds in their time period and to Bermuda’s development

Items you will need:


Water Bottles

P.E. Kits

Click Here to download the Gunpowder Plot Lesson Plan