We are partnering with the St. George’s Historical Society for an exciting expedition where students will learn about the Gunpowder Plot:

The Continental Congress voted early on in the war to ban all trade with British colonies that remained loyal to Great Britain. This put Bermuda in a unique bind. Bermuda’s economy was entirely based on shipping. It had maritime interests in all the major ports of America and the other British colonies. Tiny Bermuda had no agricultural production of its own and was entirely dependent on imports for food.

On August 14, 1775, the Bermuda Gunpowder Plot secured Bermuda’s store of gunpowder for the American patriots when sympathetic Bermudians cooperated with the Continental Congress to deliver the gunpowder to them.

Transportation to St. George’s is free for workshop attendees thanks to our generous donors.

Items you will need for the expedition:

Water Bottles
P.E. Kits