We are partnering with BUEI for exciting learning about “Light.” This expedition will allow students to explore refraction, the direction light travels, bending light and data collection. Students will be immersed in hands-on light exploration when they visit the BEN/ BUEI Light Lab. Activities include Hands on inquiry around reflections, refraction, shadows and materials that light can pass through. Creating shadow shapes and bending light to hit targets. Student exploration and engagement is high. Teachers act as facilitators.

Curriculum Connections:

Unit 5.5 How We See Things 
5Pl8 We see light sources because light from the source enters our eyes.
5Pl9 Beams/rays of light can be reflected by a mirror, the reflected light enters our eyes and we see the object. 
5Pl10 When a beam of light is reflected from a surface it changes direction.

Unit 5.3 Light and Shadows
5Pl1 Shadows are formed when light traveling from a source is blocked.
5Pl2 Size of a shadow is affected by the position of the object.
5Pl3 Shadows change in length and position throughout the day.
5Pl7 Opaque objects/materials do not let light through and transparent objects/materials let lots of light through.

Items you will need:


Flash Lights


Click Here to download the Shadows & Light Lesson Plan