Outstanding Teacher Award Winner 2021

Dean Foggo (Clearwater Middle School), Outstanding Teacher Award Winner 2021

Special Mentions & Awards:

Kendra Lightbourne
Special Mention for innovation:
Functional Skills Programme at Prospect Primary
Winsome Wilson-Place
Special Mention for innovation:
implementation of online platform “Study Ladder” at Somerset Primary
Troy King
Special Mention for innovation:
after-school STEM programme at The Berkeley Institute
Andrea Isaac (St. David’s Primary)
Allied World award for Community Partnership: The Continental Society of Bermuda

BEN Outstanding Teacher Awards Finalists 2021

Patricia Nesbitt
Cedarbridge Academy
Makeba Stowe
East End Primary
Vernon Lambe III
Whitney Institute
Florence Brown
St. George’s Primary
Stephanie Correia
Port Royal Primary

It started in 2017

The annual BEN Teacher Awards has been recognising the accomplishments of exceptional teachers since 2017. Every year, our charity honours ten outstanding public school teachers and selects one overall winner

Who is an Outstanding Teacher?

  • They are highly skilled and demonstrate expertise in their content area or area of specialisation.
  • They inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn.
  • They are regarded as leaders in their school and have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues.
  • They go above and beyond to inspire youth, either through leadership activities in school or through a role in the community.

All educators in Bermuda may submit one nomination which are considered by a nominating committee consisting of experienced educators from elementary and senior schools. Nominees must be currently employed in the BPSS and must have worked in the public education system for three years.