Bermuda Education Network (BEN) is excited to collaborate with Connectech in offering the students of Berkeley Institute an opportunity to build a firm foundation for future success in the fields of Coding and Engineering. 

The Young Coders and Engineering Club is the passion project of Mr. Troy King, runner-up from the 2021 BEN Teacher Awards.  Mr. King’s vision is to enhance the opportunities for exposure to coding for his students, while providing his students with the chance to engage in Robotics.  

Due to the generosity and support of BEN and its partners, Mr. King’s passion project will commence during the Fall Semester of 2022. 

Important details:

  • Students learn essential coding concepts, identify underlying process patterns.
  • Students collaborate with peers to find solutions to real world issues.
  • Transportation and pizza will be provided.
  • This afterschool program takes place at Connectech on Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.

Stay connected as we provide regular updates on the progress and development of “The Young Coders and Engineering Club” throughout the upcoming academic year. 

a robotic hand on a blue and yellow background